About Us

Total Strength and Speed

Total Strength and Speed works together with collegiate and high school strength coaches, sports trainers, and strongman competitors to create fully-customized training rooms.  We are equipped for complete weight room installations, from equipment and flooring down to the smallest of accessories.  We’re all about providing a complete “turn-key” operation for any size job.  We have put together a collection of the best equipment lines available, from the top-of-the-line Williams Strength® Signature Line, Paramount Fitness, and True Fitness, to the most cost-effective Force Weight Equipment.  We also offer the number-one conditioning sled, the original Prowler® 2 and the Econo Prowler®.  Also be sure to check out the Tsunami Bar®.

Below is an overview of some of the companies we carry:

Williams Strength®

Our main product line

Williams Strength® has been manufacturing equipment for over 20 years. By utilizing Williams Strength® as our main equipment supplier, we can offer truly customized equipment (by integrating your logo, for example) like no other company.  This collection of over 200 products is made up of two lines, Signature and Deluxe:

Williams Strength® Signature Line is the most heavy-duty, most functional, and most customizable line of equipment you will find anywhere. The new Signature Line introduced in the spring of 2009 has already been installed at Radford University and was chosen to outfit the new West End Zone Weight Room at Clemson University.

Williams Strength® Deluxe Line is tailored to high schools and training centers. This equipment has been used by ASC and NASS for all their strongmen competitions since 2004. Williams Strength® also offers the largest selection of fat bars and fat bar cable attachments on the market.

Force Weight Equipment

Our very sturdy, low-cost alternative line

When the budget is tight, but you don’t want to settle for cheap, nonfunctional equipment that will have to be replaced in a few years, Force Weight Equipment is perfect. The Force line offers a full power rack with weight racks for $849, a 6′x8′ rubber platform for just $399, and safety spotters that are guaranteed for life not to bend.  Custom frame and pad colors are available at no additional charge, and racks can be outfitted with school logos on the back top brace for a special look. Check out all the great deals by Force Weight Equipment.