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Comfort Grip™ 30" Rope

Flexible, easy to grip, and easy to clean rubber rope that is very versatile for multiple exercises.

Comfort Grip™ DD Handles

Multi purpose handles providing an excellent grip as well as a slight flex that works to reduce contact pressure in the user's hands.

Comfort Grip™ Multi-Handle w/ Two Eyelets

Comes with one handle. (Band not included)

Comfort Grip™ Pull-Up Set

Take Pull-ups to a whole new level. Includes Two each 4" Multi-Grip Handles, EZ Utility Straps and 2 Large Snap Hooks)

Comfort Grip™ Tricep Ladder

Comes with two 4" Multi Handles with 1 eyelet. Designed with 3 grip placements 5" apart for total triceps recruitment.

Comfort Grip™ T-Sleeve Attachment

Use this sleeve to attach different handles to a bar. Great for back workouts. Works with Tsunami Bars® and all Olympic Bars.

Comfort Grip™ Tsunami Bar® Pro-Style Conversion Kit

Turn a Tsunami® Lat Bar into a Pro-Style Neutral Grip Lat Bar. Includes 2 Comfort Grip Handles and 1 pair of Croc Lock collars. (Tsunami® Lat Bar not included)

Safety Clips (Pair)

Sold as a pair these are replacement clips for the Level 1, 3 and 5 Tsunami® Bars.

Tsunami Bar® 32" Multi

This 1-1/2" diameter bar utilizes Tsunami Bar® technology to give the user a device that may be used in a wide variety of exercises with enough flex to provide ergonomic comfort for the user's hands, wrists, and elbows.

Tsunami Bar® 32" Multi-LIGHT

Very similar to the Tsunami Bar® 32" Multi but provides more "Tsunami" flex that works to provide that ergonomic comfort on the hands, wrists, and elbows while utilizing lighter loads.

Tsunami Bar® Ab Roller

No assembly required. Various hand placements + patented Tsunami Bar technology + multi-directional drive = A new standard for isolating abdominal muscles

Tsunami S Hooks (Pair)

Add these to your Tsunami Bar® for increase stabilization work.