Blog posts of '2013' 'August'

Blacksburg High School Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Blacksburg High School in Blacksburg, VA just completed their new High School and opened up their doors to this brand new weight room.  The long list of new equipment includes: (9) Deluxe Half Racks with Top & Bottom Band Attachments, Rack connectors for accessories and TRX Straps, (9) Deluxe 0-90 benches, Lock-In system for each bench, (2) Signature Glute/Ham’s with Linear Bearings, (2) Signature 4-Way neck machines, (2) Deluxe Lat Pulldown’s with Low Row, (9) Drop-In Coreblasters at each rack, (9) Sets of PowerBlock DB’s with (18) Kettlebell handles, with all the bars and plates to go with it & (4) Spirit E-Glide Ellipticals.  To finish the room off, Custom Logos & Stickers were added to each rack.  Congratulations Blacksburg High School!


Summerville High School Sunday, August 25, 2013

Summerville High School in Summerville, SC  just received a major upgrade in their weight room with (8) Signature Slotted Full Power Racks.  The upgrades include: (8) Deluxe 0-90 Benches, Lock-In Systems, (2) Sets of J-Cups for each rack, Signature Bumper Plate Storage, (4) Signature Glute/Ham’s with linear bearings, (2) Deluxe Leg Presses & (1) Signature Iso-Lateral Leg Press.  Custom Logo’s on each rack topped this great training facility!