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University of Massachusetts - Football Tuesday, January 6, 2015

UMass Football’s new weight room is one for the books.  It is the epitome of customization to the max. For Triple Racks they have (5) Signature 3”x4” Multi-Full and ½ Rack Combo w/ Stainless Steel Slots with top and bottom band attachments and Inlaid Oak Platforms, (5) Signature Multi-Lat Pulldown w/ Low Row Attachment, (5) Signature Multi-Single Cable Column Attachment, Custom Milled J-Cups (5) Chain Storage w/ UHMW Protection, (5) EZ Spotting Straps 9’ Rack (Pair), (10) Signature Lock-in System for 0-90 Bench, and (5) Signature 0-90 Dumbbell Bench w/ Extra Large Spotter Steps.  For Double Racks they have (5) Signature 3”x4” Double Multi-1/2 Rack w/ Stainless Steel Slots with top and bottom band attachments, (10) V-Dip Attachment for Stainless Steel Racks, (5) Chain Storage w/ UHMW Protection on Rack, (5) Signature Lock-in System for 0-90 Bench, and (5) Signature 0-90 Dumbbell Bench w/ Spotter Steps.  Storage wise, they have (6) Pro-Style Dumbbell Rack (10 Pair) w/ Safety Centers, (6) Signature 6 Slot Bumper Plate Rack w/ Wheels, (12) Signature 12 Slot Bumper Plate Rack w/ Wheels, (4) Medicine Ball Rack, (5) Custom Wall Mounted Machine Bar Rack, (5) Signature 8 Bar Holder, (5) Signature 10 Bar Holder and a Custom Work Cart w/ Wheels.  UMass Football now has (5) Safety Squat Bar with Handles, (15) Competition Series Apollo’s Axle, (5) 8” Training Log, (15) EZ Chain Straps,(15) 2” Exercise Rope 50’ and (60) 5/8 Chain 5’ Pair.  They have Med Balls, VTX Rubber Encased “Wide Flanged” Plates, all different sizes of Flex Bands, Eliminator Balls.  As far as cardio equipment, they are now equipped with (2) True Full Commercial Upright Bike – 2 Window Display, a True Full Commercial Elliptical – 2 Window Display, a True Full Commercial Treadmill – 11” Display and (10) MDUSA Cable Speed Jump Ropes.  They have (20) Foam Rollers.  UMass Football has (15) Signature Non Adjustable Custom Box, (4) Weight Tree – Vertical, (15) TRX – Commercial Suspension Trainer, (6) Bear Squat Machine, (6) Signature Glute/Ham Bench w/ Linear Bearing Adjustments, and (12) Prowler® 2.  They have (7) Signature 0-90 Dumbbell Bench with logo, Eleiko Chromed Training Discs, Troy 12 Sided Solid Urethane Encased Dumbbell Set w/ 34mm Hard-Chrome Straight Steel Handles and an amazing Custom Monkey Bar System Mounted to the Ceiling.  UMass Football is stocked up on bars with (20) the Original Texas Power Bar, (10) HEX Bar Chrome Finish (Trap Bar), (10) International Style 5’ EZ Curl Bar, (5) Force Log/Bench Bar, (6) Level 3 Tsunami Bar®, and (15) Eleiko 20kg Olympic WL Training Bar.