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Irmo High School Sunday, March 1, 2015

Irmo High School’s (Irmo, SC) new weight room was custom built with our very own Williams Strength® Signature Line of (6) Multi-1/2 Racks and (6) Multi-Full Racks with Stainless Steel Slots with custom logos, (6) Competition Flat Benches, (6) Olympic  Incline Benches and (6) 0-90 Dumbbell Benches.  They also were equipped with (3) Glute/Ham Benches with Linear Bearing Adjustments, (2) Linear Bearing Leg Press, Linear Bearing ISO-Leg Press, Leg Extension, Lying Leg Curl, Standing Calf Machine, Custom 4-way Lat Pulldown and Low Row Combo Tower with band attachments.  They now have (8) Tsunami Bars®, Original Texas Power Bars and Troy Rubber Grip Plates.  All of this on top of APEX Tile Flooring.  From Custom Milled J-Cups to Arch Logos, Irmo now has a completely customized and top of the line facility.