Coaches Corner Contributors


Thank you for your interest in contributing to the Coaches Corner newsletters. Below is an outline for submitting your article.


Article Requirements:

  • Your article should be between 350 - 650 words.
  • Include a photo of yourself for the 'About the Author' section. Your photo should show your face clearly.
  • Include a short bio (approx. 120 words).
  • Attach a link to your Twitter account or a link you'd like our readers to follow.
  • Include any other supporting photos that you'd like to use with the article. If none are submitted, photos will be chosen for you.
  • Please double check your article for formatting, grammatical, and spelling errors.


Please email your article to Eshana Young-Pierre at:

Please include this subject line: Coaches Corner Article


Looking for ideas on what to write about? Here are some requests from our readers:

  • Rehab/recovery
  • Warm-ups
  • Workout Routines 
  • If your school has Williams Strength equipment or any Tsunami Bar products, your article can touch on how to use the equipment
  • Nutrition
  • Creating/implementing successful athletic programs
  • Exercises that protect the body from injury
  • Coaching "Cues": What you tell your athletes to correct technique mistakes


Article Tips:

  • Readers enjoy when articles contain lists (e.g. 'Top 5 ways to…')
  • Readers enjoy 'How To:' articles
  • Including a video(s) that supports your article is HIGHLY recommended
  • Attach worksheets that coaches can use in the weight room (Format options include: Word, Excel, or PDF)
  • Build trust with our readers, not by boasting on your accolades, but by building credibility through the informative content you provide.
  • Lastly, ask yourself, "Will the reader find the information in my article useful?"