MAD Performance Training

Matt Collins of MAD Performance Training (Motivation Against Defeat) just opened up his doors at 608 S. Saluda Ave. in Columbia, SC.  Total Strength & Speed hooked MAD up with a 24’ customized Erect-A-Rack.  The Erect-A-Rack has a total of (6) stations including an attached Lat Machine, (2) dip stations & (2) step up attachments.  The long list of custom built equipment includes: 0-90 benches, Glute/Ham machines, Prowler 2’s, Dumbbell’s with racks & a Tsunami Bar.  Total Strength & Speed also supplied MAD with 900 sq. ft of Turf and over 2,200 sq. ft. of rubber flooring.  Look out for big things to come from Matt Collins & MAD Performance Training.