River Bluff High School

River Bluff High School, located in Lexington, SC, pulled out all the stops for their premier year in operation; and the Gators brand new weight room was no exception.

Sitting upon 1″ Ultra Tile with Custom Logo’s, this weight room boasts: (5) 3×4 Multi-Full & Half Rack Combos complete with stainless steel slots, Top & Bottom Band Attachments, & (10) Bolt-On Bar Holder Storage Tubes. The customized weight room also includes (5) 0-90 Dumbbell Benches with Extra large Spotter Steps (With (5) Signature Lock-In Systems), (2) Dumbbell 0-90 Benches with Wheels & 1″ Gap, (2) Plate-Loaded Leg Extension/Curls with Adjustable Leg Pads, (1) Linear Bearing ISO-Leg Press with Weight Racks (Small Footprint), (1) Signature 4-Way Lat Pulldown Tower with 250lb Weight stack (Complete with Band Attachments), (2) Signature 4-Way Neck Machines (Plate-Loaded), (5) Adjustable Plyo Steps with Wood Steps, (15) Texas Power Bars, (5) Hex Trap Bars, (1) Multi-Purpose “Deluxe” Curl Bar, (1) Triceps Press Down  V Bar (with Swivel), (10) Tsunami Bars with Lock-Jaw Pro Collars, (5) Bumper Plate Racks with Chalk Bowls, (3) Pro-Style Dumbbell Racks with Safety Centers, (1) Signature Belt Rack with Top Tray, (6) Wall Mounted Belt Racks, & (5) Chain Storage Racks with UHMW Protection. The Erect-A-Rack portion of the weight room includes a V-Dip attachment, Coreblaster, Adjustable Step Attachment, Lat Attachment with 200lb Weight Stack, Lat Seat Attachment, Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar, Half-Rack Safety Spotters, a Dumbell 0-90 Bench with Wheels, a Vertical Med Ball Rack & Weight Tree.

River Bluff’s weight room is finished and accessorized with an assortment of Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Grip Plates, Bumper Plates, Med Balls, Flex Bands, Chains (with EZ Chain Straps), & Fat Bars.

Congratulations River Bluff! Go Gators!