Tsunami Bar®

The success stories of individuals and teams that train with Tsunami Bar® Products continue to explode in numbers. Hundreds of High School and College teams are training with the bars and seeing results never before acheived. Training with a Tsunami Bar® is very different than training with a steel bar. To get the most out of a Tsunami Bar® you want to move the bar and weights with speed which creates forces that the body must overcome. The result is you develope strong but also very powerfull muscles and the best part it is easier on your body because the bar acts as a shock absorber. There are also added benefits of increased cardio output and 3 times more stabilizing muscles activated compared to using a steel bar. If you are not training with a Tsunami Bar® you are missing a very effective tool. Try one today. There is a 30 day money back gurantee so you have nothing to loose.

Check out these videos for just a sample of what you can do with the bars - Squat To Press - Jammer - Back Squat - Lateral Bounds Plyo