The Prowler®

Prower® 2

On April 4th, 2005, the first Prowler® 2 manufactured by Williams Strength was sold. Since then, it has been copied in various forms by numerous companies; featured on the hit NBC show “The Biggest Loser“; named by Muscle and Fitness magazine as one of the 12 Best Exercises for Sports Performance and “quite possibly the most versatile and effective conditioning tool ever devised”; used by more than half of all NFL teams and countless colleges, high schools and training centers; and shown hundreds of thousands of times on YouTube – all of which has made it the most popular conditioning sled ever built.

World-renowned strength coach Mark Rippetoe states, in the Muscle and Fitness magazine, that “The Prowler (a push sled that weight can be added to) is the most useful conditioning tool because it doesn’t have an eccentric component and therefore doesn’t produce an inflammatory soreness response.”



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Special Edition Chrome Prowler® 2

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The Prowler 2 Conditioning Sled on The Biggest Loser

The Prowler® on the Biggest Loser

Biggest Loser Prowler push

Biggest Loser Prowler® push