Virginia Tech - Olympic Sports

Total Strength and Speed worked with the strength and conditioning staff of Virginia Tech to outfit the new Olympic Sports weight room.  Custom is what we do best, and it shows in this room.  Over 7,200 square feet of custom-colored 2’ x 2’ UltraTile was installed, which included (10) platforms with the VT logo.  The room includes (10) Williams Strength Signature full racks with stainless steel, and (5) WS Signature half racks.  Each rack came with lock-in bench systems; band attachments, both top and bottom; (2) sets of logo j-cups; custom-built dumbbell racks with kettlebell storage between their half racks; as well as their dumbbell area.  Their (2) 4-way towers include custom panel logos, lat pulldown machines, low row benches, and single cable columns.  (3) WS Signature linear-bearing glute-hams finished off the room.